Results Of Uterine Ultrasound Examination?

Illustration of Results Of Uterine Ultrasound Examination?
Illustration: Results Of Uterine Ultrasound Examination?

Good morning … I want to ask about the results of uterine ultrasound … the new ultrasound results are 6w1d 48.8% gestational age. Dg gs 1.75 cm, tls 0.1 4C-hospital, Tlb 0.1 OB, Ml 0, 9 13.3cm / 1.1. R n58% / 25Hz. Routine sepia r nHH PI 7.10-3.20 … AO 95% Gn 1 r nC6 / M5 r nFFI / F3 r nSRI II 2 / CRI 2 … but there is no CRL … . is that good? The doctor said that the womb was good and fine … but I was afraid if there was a possibility of BO because there was no crl … how to recruit a doctor?

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Hello Tina,

Ultrasound is a supporting examination that is often performed during pregnancy. From ultrasound, the condition of the fetus can be seen in the form of a gestational sac (GS), estimated fetal weight (EFW), the length of the fetus from head to buttock (crown lump length / CRL), and other fetal measurements such as thigh length. (FL), head circumference, head diameter, and abdominal circumference. In addition, it can also be assessed the position of the fetus, amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord, fetal heart rate, fetal sex, and estimated day of birth.

The measurements on the ultrasound are intended for the doctor so that the doctor can calculate the condition of the pregnancy and the fetus in you. Some important information that doctors provide from ultrasound, for example, the estimated fetal weight, gestational age, expected day of birth, fetal heart rate, and possible fetal abnormalities.

If the doctor has checked and concluded that your womb is good, then you don't need to worry. At the age of your 6 weeks of pregnancy, sometimes you only see the pregnancy sac / GS. Usually the doctor will advise you to repeat the ultrasound at the next control about 2 weeks later. It is hoped that the next ultrasound will show the fetus. If you don't see it, the doctor will recommend another ultrasound again 2 weeks later until the fetus appears.

Your concern about BO / blighted ovum is understandable. Of course every pregnant woman will worry if the fetus has not appeared. In this case, BO means pregnancy without a fetus, that is, a gestation sac is found but no embryo or fetus is formed. To diagnose BO the doctor will perform an ultrasound. BO is diagnosed when there is still no fetus when the gestational sac reaches 2.5 cm.

If this condition occurs, the doctor can give the patient the choice of whether to wait until the miscarriage occurs naturally (the body will naturally terminate the BO pregnancy and then the miscarriage occurs), or it can also be given drugs or curettage to clean the uterus from tissue and waste. network.

That's why I suggest that you keep thinking positive, balance it with prayer, and keep your health. It is better if you get enough rest, avoid strenuous activities, eat healthy and nutritious foods, get enough water, and avoid stress. Don't forget to take any medications or supplements given by your obstetrician as recommended by your doctor. Carry out pregnancy control with an obstetrician according to the schedule given.

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