Results Of Vaginal Mucus Examination For Pap Smear Purposes?

Illustration of Results Of Vaginal Mucus Examination For Pap Smear Purposes?
Illustration: Results Of Vaginal Mucus Examination For Pap Smear Purposes?

Hello .. r n yesterday my female friend checked the pap smear: r nThe result, r nInterpretation: Squamous epithelial cells accompanied by reactive cells, spores / hyphae candida sp. cocobacilli, and leukocytes. r nNo malignant / dysplastic cells were found in these preparations. r n r nConclusion: Candidiasis r nNo high risk HPV infection was found r n r nMy question, r n What is the meaning of the Interpretation and whether from that conclusion, my friend clearly has Candidiasis ..?

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Hello Agus,

Thank you for the question. Pap's smear is an examination of the cervix that is aimed at checking for abnormal growth of cells on the cervical wall that can develop into cancer. This examination is recommended for women who have had sex. Cervical cancer is caused by infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). The Pap's smear is done by rubbing the cervix using a spatula which is then examined in the laboratory. From this examination, it will be known whether abnormal cells (cancer cells) are found or not. Doctors also usually will do tests to detect the presence of HPV. From the results of these tests, no abnormal cells / malignant cells / cancer cells were found and no HPV infection was found.

Usually when this swab is done, in addition to the cervical cell sample being removed, the cervical mucus can also be examined in the laboratory. Thus, if there is an infection in the vagina, it will also be known indirectly from this examination. Vaginal candidiasis is a yeast infection of the vagina (Candida sp.). Under normal conditions, this fungus can be found in small amounts in the vagina. However, under certain conditions, the number can increase and cause infection. Candidiasis sufferers will experience abnormal vaginal discharge which is usually white, cheese-like texture, accompanied by itching in the genital area, vaginal redness, pain during sexual intercourse, and complaints of urination (pain during BAK, difficulty holding BAK, often BAK). If it is proven to have candidiasis from this examination, the sufferer will be treated with antifungal drugs. Please advise your friend to discuss the results of this examination with your doctor again so that the doctor can suggest the right treatment.

Please suggest your friend to do the following suggestions:

hidnari intercourse until the condition is treated
hindair use of tights
wear underwear that easily absorbs sweat
hindair use feminine cleanser
Get treatment from a doctor as directed

Hope this information is helpful.

Dr. Aloisia

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