Rhinitis Due To Allergies?

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Morning, I want to ask. I have been allergic to dust and fur for several years. For the past few months my nose has been blocked, my breathing is hard to breathe, my throat is dry, and my airway is clogged. After every activity, especially in the afternoon, I also often experience fireflies’ eyes and body imbalance. For the case of nasal obstruction, I have checked with the doctor and x-rayed, the result is that I have thickening. I was given the antibiotics starcef, rhinos sp, and vestein. After I took the medicine, my blocked nose did improve. even though it still feels like there is a lump in the nose and at night the nose is still often blocked. I also still often experience fireflies eye and body imbalance after activity. What do you think is the solution? thank you

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Hello, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com.

Allergy complaints that you feel, can be overcome by avoiding allergens (things that trigger allergies), namely dust and fur.

The solutions we can provide:

1. Stay away from dusty places

2. Clean all household appliances so they are free of dust (ask others to clean)

3. Don't play with furry animals

4. Do not approach carpets or articles containing fur and dust

5. Use a mask when driving or outside the house

6. Consuming drugs given by ENT doctors

7. Routine control to the ENT specialist

8. Sleep with your head somewhat elevated when the nose is blocked

9. Maintain endurance by eating healthy and nutritious food

10. Reducing strenuous activity that makes the body tired.

Thus, hopefully useful :)

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