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r, I have allergic rhinitis.rnAnd at school I sat on a bench by the window. I often have rhinitis that suddenly comes because of the cold air from the windows and dust from the glass + window curtains. Does it also affect my rhinitis which is becoming more frequent?rnShould I change seats?rnrnAnd how do I handle it if rhinitis suddenly occurs? Because this rhinitis annoys and hinders my activitiesrnrnThank you

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Hi Alfanyyy, thanks for the question.

Please note beforehand, rhinitis is a condition where there is inflammation or irritation of the nasal wall (mucosa) which can be triggered by an allergic reaction (allergic rhinitis) or due to other causes, such as viral or bacterial infection (non-allergic rhinitis).

In someone who suffers from allergic rhinitis, the main cause of rhinitis symptoms is due to the immune system's reaction to allergy triggers (allergens). These allergens vary from one individual to another. Some of the most common are pollen, mites, dust, cold weather, and animal dander. The immune system perceives the allergen as dangerous and then releases an inflammatory reaction (in which histamine is present) into the blood. This reaction triggers swelling and irritation of the nose as well as the symptoms experienced, such as runny/congested nose, sneezing, itching of the nose, etc.

If the symptoms of rhinitis continue to recur, it will certainly interfere with the quality of daily life. Unfortunately, allergic rhinitis cannot be cured but can be relieved with proper treatment. The main treatment and prevention of this disease is to avoid allergens. If Alfanyyyy's rhinitis often recurs when he comes in contact with dust and cold air, then it is best to avoid these two things (by changing seats or cleaning the glass and window curtains from the dust that sticks). In addition to avoiding triggers, there are other treatments that can be done, namely:

Medications that relieve symptoms, which contain decongestants or antihistamines (there are several over-the-counter medications) Nasal irrigation or nasal washes using normal saline or homemade saline solution Immunotherapy or desensitization, in which the body is injected allergens into the patient's skin directly periodically to reduce the body's sensitivity to the allergen

If after doing some of the things above the symptoms do not subside, then there is no harm in consulting an ENT specialist for further treatment. The doctor will provide the appropriate therapy. This article on allergic rhinitis can also be read in addition.

So, hopefully useful.

dr. Sonia L

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