Rib Injuries And Shoulder Fractures?

Illustration of Rib Injuries And Shoulder Fractures?
Illustration: Rib Injuries And Shoulder Fractures? medicalexhibits.com

Hello Good morning, my daddy had an accident on Thursday afternoon, the shoulder bone was broken and will be operated because now Eid is on Monday, then given the action but while waiting for my dad’s doctor’s surgery schedule when coughing aches in the chest, both breath and moving … is that a natural pain in the stone and moving in the chest? Are there actions that can minimize the pain that occurs when coughing on the chest and broken bones … I really hope the response from the doctor … Thanks, Hello

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Chest pain when coughing or moving after a trauma / accident can be caused by several possibilities, including:

broken breastbone or ribs
injury to the muscles of the chest
lung injury, including pneumothorax or hemothorax, pulmonary embolism

heart injury, such as cardiac tamponade, aortic dissection

If indeed the pain in the chest that feels heavy enough or even interfere with breathing (such as pain when breathing), you should consult your father to the doctor for further examination. Your father should get a chest x-ray examination (if it has been done can be repeated if there are indications), and also ECG (heart rhythm record) and echo if a heart injury is suspected.

In general, doctors at the hospital will prescribe pain medication for your father. If your father is currently hospitalized, your father can ask for stronger pain medicine if the pain in the broken bone is still very severe and can not be arrested. Strong pain medications are classified as hard drugs (including when needed pain medication from the narcotics group) which can only be prescribed by a doctor directly.

To help reduce pain in broken bones, your father can compress the broken part with cold compresses. If no pain medicine is prescribed at all, your father can try taking a mild pain medication that can be bought freely like paracetamol.

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