Right Abdominal Pain Accompanied By Difficult Bowel Movements?

my husband’s right side abdominal pain, previously difficult CHAPTER right when sorted high, he gave medicine so he could defecate, he said caught a cold, the wind moved u0026sup2; from right to kiir to the middle part of the abdomen and chest, after that treatment to the stomach clinic was given medicine, but now stopped smb because of focusing on the bowel medicine, but starting yesterday it relapsed again, and right after he said he had kidney problems. I have to do, is there a natural remedy for prevention or should be directly checked again by a doctor

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Hi Joya

Thank you for the question.

Abdominal pain is a frequent complaint, and we understand your husband's discomfort. The location of abdominal pain can be important information that can indicate the cause of abdominal pain. In addition, other symptoms can also help determine the cause, such as when stomach pain starts, duration of abdominal pain, how the type of stomach pain, triggers stomach pain, the presence of other symptoms such as urinary disorders, fever, and others.

The following are possible causes of stomach pain on the right:

  Cholesterol, or gallstones. Cholecystitis. Pancreatitis. Urinary tract stones. Urinary tract infection. Dyspepsia syndrome. Here are the things you can do to reduce complaints:

 Continue the treatment given by the doctor, and also the medicine for the bowel movement. No problem taking these drugs at the same time. Take pain relievers such as paracetamol. Eating foods that contain lots of fiber. Avoiding acidic, spicy, and fatty foods and drinks, high in gas / soda, and caffeine. Drink enough water 2-3L per day. If there is still no improvement, you can bring your husband to consult a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor will evaluate your husband's complaints, conduct a physical examination, and conduct supporting examinations if needed such as blood tests, urine tests, and ultrasound so that the doctor can handle accordingly with the cause of your complaint, including antibiotics if there are indications of bacterial infection.

Hopefully this information can help you and hopefully your husband gets better soon.


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