Right Ankle Pain?

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Hi doctor, I’m Tandika. Since 2 days ago I felt pain in the right ankle area every time after sitting down and then walking. I forced to walk for a long time the pain decreases, things like this always repeat when from a stationary position and then do walking activities. I want to ask if this can be categorized into an ankle dislocation? What kind of treatment do I need to do? And do I need further treatment? Thank you doctor before

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Good morning Tandika, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Dislocation is a condition when there are parts of the bone in a joint that shift from its original location. Dislocations differ from fractures in that there is no damage or fracture, but only a shift occurs. Your condition can be a dislocation, but this cannot be ascertained without direct and supporting examinations such as X-rays.

In addition, the pain that you experience can also be caused by arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, or inflammation due to a history of previous injuries, for example due to accidents or falls while exercising.

Our advice, you should check your condition further to the doctor to be able to ascertain the tendency whether it is dislocation or the other. This is important because the handling will vary, and most require supervision from a doctor. With a direct check, misunderstandings can be avoided and the handling given to you is more appropriate. Meanwhile, limit physical activity especially those involving the feet, warm compresses in painful areas, and consumption of over-the-counter painkillers by reading the rules of use listed. So, hopefully answering your question.

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