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Night, I want to ask my back feels hot and it’s almost every day. And one night the heat was so hot that I couldn’t hold it in. NI am amazed, when I catch a cold / aches I use chilli patches etc. it doesn’t work / feels hot, I don’t even feel warm at all. But this means it’s really hot, it’s back pain, so I feel bad.

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Heat in the back that is quite intense can indicate a disturbance in the nerves around the back. Not feeling hot, interference with nerves can also trigger pain, tingling, tingling, numbness, and so on. This condition can occur due to several factors, including:

Skin infections, for example due to Herpes zoster, Lyme disease, Epstein-Barr virus, leprosy, HIV Post herpetic neuralgia Diabetes Alcoholism Exposure to chemical toxins or heavy metals Drug side effects, eg chemotherapy drugs Injury to the back, including due to accidents, repetitive extreme movements - Recurrent tumors that pinch nerves Vitamin deficiency, for example vitamins B1, B6, B12, vitamin E, niacin Spinal cord disorders, for example due to lymphoma, amyloidosis, bone cancer Impaired liver, kidney, thyroid gland function, and so on Aside from neurological disorders, It could also be due to psychosomatic disorders or disorders of the internal organs around the back, for example the lungs, pleura, stomach, esophagus, heart, and so on.

A further physical examination is needed from the doctor to identify whether your complaint is really caused by a nervous breakdown or if there are other triggers. The burning sensation that is quite disturbing usually needs to be diagnosed with other tests, for example laboratory, X-rays, CT scans, electromyography, and so on. That way, doctors can provide appropriate management according to the possibility of the disease. Therefore, you should check yourself directly to a doctor or neurologist ..


Compress the back area with warm water Avoid massaging the back that feels hot to excess Reduce excessive activity using the arm or back on the side that often feels hot Sleep on a comfortable base, don't press on the side of the back that feels hot for too long. Exercise regularly Be diligent in consuming lots of food contains vitamins B1, B6, B12, vitamin E, and also niacin. Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol Do not stress too much Hope it helps ya ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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