Right Chest Pain To The Back And Black Pup?

Illustration of Right Chest Pain To The Back And Black Pup?
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Morning, my chest hurts right after I hold it in the middle of my stomach if I touch it it hurts gt, I also started vomiting and dizzy but now it’s not … now it’s only chest pain to the back if lying down it doesn’t hurt so much but when standing or I could not sit for a long time because of pain and my pupils were black, the first was solid and the second was liquid. nI think why huh? please tell me what to do to get well and what should I keep so that it doesn’t get sick like this again .. n

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Hi Abrillf,

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Pain in the chest, upper stomach, to the back, accompanied by vomiting, dizziness, and black bowel movements, can occur due to many factors, one of which is gastric ulcers (gastric ulcers). This condition reflects an open wound resembling an ulcer that appears on the stomach wall which often makes the sufferer feel pain, hot, bloated, easily full, nauseous, and various other uncomfortable sensations appear predominantly in the chest area, upper abdomen, but can also be found. spreads to the back and throat. These complaints will usually worsen when your stomach is empty, at night just before bedtime, or after consuming high-fat foods. Usually, complaints will improve with the consumption of food or drugs that can neutralize stomach acid. In more severe conditions, people with stomach ulcers can also experience vomiting (sometimes accompanied by blood), bloody stools, shortness of breath, dizziness, significant weight loss, decreased appetite, and fainting.

There are various conditions that can trigger the formation of ulcers in the stomach, some of which are Helicobacter pylori bacterial infection, consumption of pain relievers (such as the NSAID class), or other side effects of drugs, such as steroids, anticoagulants, SSRIs, and so on. Your risk of developing stomach ulcers can be higher if you are fond of consuming spicy foods, smoking, consuming alcohol, or experiencing prolonged stress.

In addition to stomach ulcers, your complaints may also arise due to other causes, such as cholangitis (inflammation of the bile ducts), cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder), gastritis (inflammation of the gastric mucosa), cholelithiasis (gallstones), diverticulitis (inflammation of the abnormal bulge. in the intestine), gastroenteritis (intestinal infection), rupture of esophageal varices, inflammatory bowel disease, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), stomach cancer, colon cancer, colorectal cancer, and so on.

A comprehensive examination is required, not only with a regular physical examination, but also laboratory tests, ultrasound, endoscopy, X-rays, and so on to determine the correct diagnosis of your complaints. Therefore, you should go directly to a doctor or an internal medicine specialist. Depending on the originator of your complaint, treatment can be done by administering drugs, surgery, or other therapeutic modalities.

In the meantime, take the following steps to improve your complaint:

Compress the area of ​​the chest, stomach, and back that is painful with warm water
Make it a habit not to lie down or sleep immediately after eating, give a break of at least 2 hours
Reduce consumption of fatty foods, fried foods, milk, or processed products
Be diligent in consuming probiotics, for example yogurt, sauerkraut
Increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamins A, C, and other balanced sources of nutrients to nourish the digestive tract
Avoid taking medications (especially pain relievers) without a doctor's supervision
Control stress wisely
Don't smoke or consume alcohol
Enough sleep

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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