Right Chest Pain When Taking A Deep Breath?

Illustration of Right Chest Pain When Taking A Deep Breath?
Illustration: Right Chest Pain When Taking A Deep Breath? Bing

Yes, I have consulted a little with the doctor. This is the right chest, even below the ribs above the waist, the right side also hurts when I take a long breath, if I’m in a lying position, the veins/muscles move when I take a long breath, but if I sit still, there’s a sour taste. Even in the mouth it doesn’t go away, yawning and falling asleep, it’s hard to take a breath from the stomach, the esophagus and the throat are also uncomfortable, itchy, coughing occurs, coughing/nausea doesn’t reach the stomach, it’s just the throat limit. It’s like someone is holding back from the stomach and throat. it’s not comfortable. right now my body feels achy, all the muscles in the stomach are tight, the legs are weak. I also have a MAG so this is my chest is hard..rnPLEASE RESPOND SO I CAN KNOW A LITTLE WHAT I FEEL RIGHT NOW. .rnrnNOTED:please explain the muscles that move every time I take a breath…rnthank you

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The muscle pain you feel could be caused by digestive tract disorders. This can occur because the propagation of pain, abdomen and chest area have the same pain innervation.

Check out some of the causes of chest and right abdominal pain that often occur:

Digestive problems such as peptic ulcers, acid reflux/GERD, and inflammation of the pancreas.

Injury to the chest muscles, bones and nerves in the chest.

Cough and cold due to a mild viral infection, can also give symptoms of right chest pain, especially when taking a deep breath.

Respiratory problems such as pneumonia, pneumothorax (the lungs cannot expand due to trauma), inflammation of the lining of the lungs/pleurisy and blockage of the pulmonary blood vessels.

Inflammation of the liver/hepatitis.

You should consult a doctor if your complaints are very bothersome for more than 3 days. The doctor will conduct a thorough and careful medical examination. If necessary, the doctor will refer to carry out supporting examinations such as blood tests, chest X-rays, abdominal ultrasound.

The doctor will provide treatment according to your condition.

You also need to be aware of lower right chest pain conditions that require emergency medical treatment:

Sudden pain that feels like heavy pressure on the breastbone.

Chest pain and shortness of breath when exercising. In addition, the pain radiates to the jaw, left hand and back.

Feeling palpitations, dizziness, nausea, cold sweats very much.

While at home, try to do some tips to relieve right chest pain when it recurs:

Practice relaxation techniques by inhaling and exhaling slowly and regularly.

Improve your diet, set the distance to eat not too long (maximum 3 hours). Choose foods that are not spicy, boiled/steamed, and not coconut milk.

Quit smoking and avoid exposure to secondhand smoke. Cigarette smoke triggers indigestion.

Limit dinner time to less than 8 o'clock.

Read more about Right Chest Pain in the HealthReplies.com article by clicking here.

That's the information we can share, hopefully it helps you.

Best regards, Dr. Caecilia Haryu Aryapti.

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