Right Eye Squint, Blurry And Only Looks Like Black And White?

Illustration of Right Eye Squint, Blurry And Only Looks Like Black And White?
Illustration: Right Eye Squint, Blurry And Only Looks Like Black And White? goodeyes.com

Hello. My eyes began to experience interference since grade 4 elementary school. At that time I was 9 years old. Now I am 23 years old. Initially my eyes were normal, but without me realizing my right eye began to squint. Right eye vision starts to become unclear, when used to see all colors, dark objects such as black and white are visible. You can’t even read writing. My left eye is now thank God still fine, just experience nearsightedness. What disorders do my eyes experience? And how to handle it? thanks.

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Hello Ibnatu,

Thank you for the question.

Blurred vision, such as eye refraction disorders (including nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism) or cataracts, which are not corrected properly can indeed be one of the most common triggers for strabismus. It could also, squint is caused by an imbalance of the brain in coordinating eye movement and position, nerve and eye muscle disorders, and so on.

Conditions like those of you, if not handled properly, can greatly limit your activities, and make your self-confidence decrease. Therefore, if it is very disturbing, you should consult your doctor or eye doctor. Sharp examination of vision, slit lamp, ophthalmoscopy, and other examination procedures can be done by the doctor to determine the best treatment steps so that your complaints also subsided, whether surgery is needed or sufficient conservative treatment. When seeing a doctor, it is advisable to use adequate personal protection to prevent contracting the disease, including COVID-19 which is currently endemic.

In the meantime, we recommend that you first rest, don't overdo activities that tire your eyes (such as staring at gadgets, driving long distances, reading small print), cold compress your eyes when you feel tired, and don't ever do dangerous activities alone to avoid the risk of injury .

Hope this helps ...

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