Right Hand Thumb Aches And Swelling Inside?

why my right hand thumb hurts .. So in the middle of my thumb it becomes swollen .. So it’s like there’s swelling inside … How do I fix it? What medicine

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The swollen finger condition can be caused by several things that might occur namely

Infection in the form of abscess is usually accompanied by pain, palpable heat, and palpable fluid under the skin
Uric acid can be a pile of uric acid causing swelling at the tip of the finger is usually accompanied by severe pain and high uric acid examination
Ganglion cysts are usually associated with repetitive repetitive movements which cause disturbances and pressure on the nerves so that the symptoms of tingling hands are felt

To find out the exact cause, you should check with your doctor so that if necessary, further tests can be done. Some things you can do are

Avoid repetitive movements that are too resting on the wrist joint
Maintain clean skin and if there are lumps filled with water do not be broken
Maintain food properly if uric acid is high, avoid dark green vegetables, viscera, chips, and melinjo.

Thus the information that our data convey. Hope it is useful, thank you

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