Right Leg Pain Starting From The Groin To The Tip Of The Finger?

Good evening doctor, r nI have right foot pain from the groin to the toes. One step walk hurts, if the laughter hurts, when we cough once the leg hurts like it is being pulled by the veins in our legs, the duration is more than 2 weeks and when standing ± 15 minutes the hip hurts and feels my heel aches (stiff) and now cholesterol I’m high 290 mg / dl. When you sleep on your side, it also hurts. I plan to order imove, do you think the medicine is suitable for this disease? Are there no side effects for the stomach ?? r nThank you

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Hello Nurvita Arta,

Complaints of pain that radiate from the buttocks / groin / thighs to the toes are called ischialgia or sciatica. The spread of pain follows the pathways of the sciatic nerve fibers that begin in the lower back around the buttocks. Ischialgia usually affects one side only. Ischialgia can occur in conditions of spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal gap), vertebral disc herniasis, or the presence of bone spur (abnormal bone growth - usually associated with healing of pre-existing trauma).

The pain that is felt in ischialgia varies from a tingling sensation, a feeling like electrocuted, to sharp pain. Pain is felt from the lower back, thighs back, which spreads to the legs. Pain is aggravated when coughing, sitting for too long, walking, and other activities that add irritation to the nerves. Enforcement of the cause of ischialgia can be done by physical examination and supporting examinations such as x-rays, MRI, and CT-scan. Pain relief is usually in the form of pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxant drugs, physiotherapy, corticosteroid injections, acupuncture, and in some severe cases surgery is needed.

The medicine you mentioned is a herbal supplement. In marketing it is said to be beneficial for joint pain. There are no specific studies on the benefits of ischialgia. Considering the price of drugs that are quite expensive, you should check with your doctor to find out the cause of the pain that you experience.

At home, to reduce the pain, it is better to lie flat on a supine position and knees slightly bent. Cold and warm compresses alternately can reduce pain. Reduce strenuous activity for a while, in some cases rest for 3-4 weeks can relieve the pain. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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