Right Or Left Headache Accompanied By Throbbing And Numbness In The Head?

Late afternoon doctor. I want to ask about my complaint. I’ll try to describe it: I’m a 25-year-old male. Since the age of 20 years I often experience migrants both right and left. When a migrant occurs, my head feels very cold like being exposed to ice water and my eyes feel hot when exposed to light like a lamp / sun. Sometimes I feel like I can feel the pulse in my head when I touch my head using my hands, even the heartbeat sometimes feels. I once tried to massage my head but I could not feel the massage, like numbness / numbness. Is this just an ordinary migrant illness or what?

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Headache is a very broad symptom and can be caused by many causes, ranging from psychological (when experiencing problems), lack of sleep, headaches (migraine), muscle tension, or the most dangerous such as ruptured blood vessels (strokes) or tumors brain. In accordance with the description of pain that you convey, there are several types of diseases that can cause, such as:

Migraine (with or without aura) Tense type headache Cluster headache Sinusitis In addition, some other diseases that are more dangerous, and can also cause symptoms of headaches are: Meningitis, glaucoma, stroke, and brain tumors. Each of these diseases has more specific symptoms so to be distinguished requires a more complete examination, such as a physical examination, other investigations such as CT-Scan, MRI, and blood laboratory tests. I advise you to check with a general practitioner or neurologist so that you can be given appropriate treatment.

the things you can do right now are:

1. Make sure you have enough rest / sleep. Normally adults need around 6-8 hours per day

2. Consumption of enough water

3. Reduce consumption of salt or salty foods

4. If your headache really interferes with your activity or rest, you can try to take anti-pain medications bearing the green logo (which is sold freely) with the dosage and rules of use as stated on the packaging.

If you experience symptoms such as: Headache that does not go away or even worsens after taking pain medications, vomiting, convulsions, slurred speech, weakness in half the body, or loss of consciousness, immediately consult the Emergency Department (ER) Home Closest pain.

Thus the information that I can convey, hopefully can help yes.

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