Right-sided Abdominal Pain When 5 Months Pregnant?

Illustration of Right-sided Abdominal Pain When 5 Months Pregnant?
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Good evening doctor, introduce me Atien at this time I am pregnant with the 2nd trimeater precisely in the 5th month, but when I was 4 months late in the middle of the 5th month, I often had pain in my right abdomen. This is pain due to intestinal disorders that cause the Chapter is not smooth or because of other things ?? Thank you

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Hello Atien,

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Pain in the right abdomen in women who are pregnant can occur related to pregnancy, can also be due to other reasons.

Related to pregnancy, the muscles around the abdomen are often stretched and contracted quite strongly due to the growing size of the fetus. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also make a mother's skin more sensitive, making it easier to feel pain. This can also be made worse, if you often experience high mobility everyday, including walking long distances, running up and down stairs, or lifting heavy loads.

In addition, other conditions, such as appendicitis (appendicitis), inflammation of the intestine, gastroenteritis (digestive infections), dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), urinary tract infections or stones, hernias, myomas, fibromyalgia, etc. can also trigger pain in right abdomen which is quite disturbing.

To be clear, you can check yourself directly to the doctor or the nearest obstetrician, right? Through a series of physical examinations, or supplemented with additional tests, such as ultrasound, urine tests, blood tests, etc., the doctor can give you the most appropriate treatment according to your condition.

The following initial steps you can take so that complaints improve:

Compress the abdominal pain with warm water
Rest yourself from excessive physical activity
Always wear comfortable clothes and pants, don't be too tight
Also avoid using shoes that are too narrow or high heels
Eat regularly, do not delay
When the stomach feels pain, reduce the habit of consuming spicy foods, bersantan, and excessive caffeinated drinks
If defecation is difficult, drink plenty of water, eat fruits, and vegetables
Don't stress or panic
Do not carelessly take medication while pregnant without a doctor's advice

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