Right-sided Headache In The Morning?

Illustration of Right-sided Headache In The Morning?
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Hello doctorDok I have been 5 days in a row right headache on my right forehead right. This pain is felt only in the morning. Entering at 11 the pain subsided. But I have no nausea / vomiting. What kind of headaches do I have?

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Hello Mita,

Thank you for the question.

Head pain that feels dominant on the right side near the forehead may include primary headache (for example migraine or cluster headache), or it can be secondary (for example due to trigeminal neuralgia, rhinosinusitis, cerebral aneurysm, brain tumor, viral or bacterial infection, stress, hormonal fluctuations, etc.)

Differentiating primary and secondary headaches is sometimes not enough to do just based on brief information related to the characteristics of the pain that appears. You need to check yourself directly to the doctor or neurologist for a careful physical examination, or also some supporting examinations, such as x-rays, CT scans, laboratories, MRI, and so on. So, you should check with the nearest health facility, okay?

In the meantime, what can be done to improve headaches are:

Take paracetamol medicine
Compress warm areas of your head that are painful
Go to bed early and regularly
Take a 30-60 minute nap if possible
Eat more regularly, little by little but often
Limit physical activity that is tiring, let alone using gadgets or activities in the hot sun
Relax often, don't think too much
Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol
If you have problems with eye refraction disorders, such as minus or cylindrical eyes, correct them with the right glasses or contact lenses as prescribed by your doctor.
Exercise every day (at least 30 minutes per session)

Hope this helps ...

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