Right Toes Hurt When Pressed?

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At night, I want to ask my toes really hurt when pressed. If it is held / grasped there is a sound like broken but as far as I remember I never fell / broke my leg. It doesn’t hurt to be made to walk or run but it is rather annoying because sometimes it causes quite a pain. Please give me info. Thank you

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Hello Janice, thank you for asking to HealthReplies.com.

Are there any bumps on the affected finger? Is there a sign of inflammation in the finger (red, warm, painful). It should be understood that a definitive diagnosis can only be made by a face-to-face examination with a doctor, where after anamnesis, physical examination and support is needed if needed.

But based on your information, here are the things that can cause it:

Arthritis for example due to uric acid crystals that accumulate in the joints (gout arthritis), or degenerative arthritis for example due to dislocation / trauma / previous long-term workload that results in osteoarthritis.
Nerve disorders
Skin disorders such as fish eye (clavus), to slant

Wash it with soap. and soak the sister's finger in ice packs for 20 minutes (repeat 4 times a day), followed by an over-the-counter cream cream spray at the diseased finger. If there are nails that are stuck, and allow them to be cut, you can cut them. The use of pain relievers such as paracetamold can be used. It is recommended to limit the movement of the affected finger, if necessary place a finger splint on the affected finger to really limit the movement.

If the pain continues / worsens, it is advisable to consult face to face with a doctor for evaluation, if there are indications it is recommended X-rays or blood checks for uric acid levels. The doctor will give a single pain medication / combination depending on needs.

All of our suggestions and answers, hopefully useful, good night.

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