Ring-shaped Black Rash And Redness During Early Pregnancy?

Illustration of Ring-shaped Black Rash And Redness During Early Pregnancy?
Illustration: Ring-shaped Black Rash And Redness During Early Pregnancy? Bing

Good afternoon, I am a mother of one child and am currently pregnant with my second child. My pregnancy is now 15 weeks. On Monday morning when I woke up I found on my right hand on the right there was a black circle surrounded by red color plus white spots which the next day grew around it. I don’t feel itchy but when I touch it it hurts a lot and I feel very sore. And yesterday I checked my schedule for pregnancy. At that time I asked what happened to my hand if it was dangerous. The midwife said it was the herpes virus and I was referred to the hospital. And today the wound has suddenly dried up. The white spots have also peeled off on their own. My question isrn1. Should I still go to the hospital for a checkup even though the wound is deflated and dry?rn2. Is this herpes very dangerous for my pregnancy baby who has just entered the age of 15 weeks. What impact will it have on my baby if I get herpes?rn3. Will it still be dangerous for my baby when it is born?rnrnThose are some questions from me, thank you very much if the doctor is willing to answer.

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Hello Putri, Thank you for your question on HealthReplies.com

Herpes gestationis, also known as pemphigoid gestationis, is an autoimmune disease that attacks pregnant women, and is very rare. This disease attacks pregnant women during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, caused by the body's immune system called immunoglobulin type G (IgG) which attacks body tissues, more precisely the protein substance BPAG2 which is in the section between the epidermis and the dermis, the outer skin layer will blister and forming a red rash. The initial symptoms of this disease are the appearance of red bumps that feel very itchy, in the area around the abdomen, within a few days or weeks the rash will spread to other areas of the body such as the hips, back, buttocks, arms, in the second or fourth week of blisters. it will itch. However, there are some pregnant women who do not experience blisters but have red spots all over the body, this disease is not a disease that threatens pregnancy, some pregnant women feel the symptoms of the disease will disappear before delivery. Complications of pregnancy can occur when this disease meets other diseases, and these complications are:

The lump will spread to the baby, but if the baby gets colostrum, the lump will disappear by itself
Secondary infection that causes scars that do not disappear on the mother's skin
Risk of premature birth.

A black, ring-shaped, red rash, other possibilities besides gestational herpes are:

Herpes zoster
Ringworm or ringworm, which is caused by a fungal infection
Atopic dermatitis or eczema
Granuloma annulare

You should consult or consult a dermatologist, so that a direct examination is carried out so that the cause is known, and the doctor will provide therapy according to the cause.

Some things you can do

Keep skin clean
Shower regularly
Avoid scratching itchy skin
Cut long nails

Thank you, hopefully useful. dr.Nurmarwiyah

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