Risk Factors For Prostate Cancer?

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Doctor, I want to ask about what is the relationship between age risk factors and prostate cancer? Then, what is the relationship between PSA and prostate cancer?

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Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in men (the first is skin cancer) and is the leading cause of death from normor 2 cancer in men (after lung cancer). Prostate cancer is very rarely found in men under the age of 40 years, but the incidence is increasing dramatically in men over 50 years. Therefore age is one of the main risk factors for prostate cancer in men. If you ask why older age increases the risk of developing prostate cancer, then the answer is the same as all other types of cancer too, the older a person is, the older the cells in his body. The older the cells in the body, the greater the risk of gene mutations in the cells of the body. This gene mutation that usually begins the occurrence of cancer cells in the body, including prostate cancer.

PSA or prostate specific antigen is a protein produced by cells in the prostate gland. This protein is then released into the blood and PSA levels in the blood are then measured on the PSA examination. Previously, this examination was recommended even routinely carried out in several countries as a screening for prostate cancer, but now PSA examination may or may not. A normal PSA level is less than 4.0 ng / mL. An increase in PSA levels can indicate prostate cancer. However, the increase in PSA levels is not too specific because it can also occur in several other conditions, for example, in people who have benign prostate enlargement, urinary tract infections, prostatitis, people who just had prostate examination procedures, and so forth. Therefore, if a PSA examination is indeed done and the results are high, then a referral to a urology doctor and a follow-up examination are needed to confirm the result.

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