Risk Of Corona If You Exercise In A Quiet Place

Illustration of Risk Of Corona If You Exercise In A Quiet Place
Illustration: Risk Of Corona If You Exercise In A Quiet Place

Hello doc, I’m currently doing independent isolation because I’m worried about contracting the corona virus, especially last week I had a cold. Incidentally near my house there is a large but quiet park in the morning, especially during a corona outbreak like this. I want to go there to get some fresh air or sunbathe while doing light exercise. But I doubt whether public places like that are still at risk of transmitting the corona virus even in quiet conditions? Do I need to still use a mask? How should the dock? thanks.

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First of all, you should first explain, are you currently experiencing certain symptoms?

Self-isolation is actually recommended to be done by people who are known to have COVID-19 (tests have been done and the results are positive) and only suffer from mild symptoms, or by people who are experiencing symptoms of acute respiratory infections even though they have not done COVID-examination 19 The purpose of independent isolation is to prevent transmission to people around you.

If indeed you are currently diagnosed with COVID-19 or if you are still experiencing symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, then you should stay at home and not be able to leave the house at all except for urgent interests (go to the doctor because of an emergency for example). If you live alone in your house, you may go out to your yard alone (if you live with someone else, you are better advised to lock yourself in a room). In this condition you should always wear a mask unless you are alone in your room.

If you mean just staying at home to prevent yourself from contracting the corona virus (meaning you are in good health and not sick at all), then the rules of staying at home are not as strict as if you were self-isolating. You are still allowed to leave the house (for jogging or walking in a quiet place) as long as you continue to practice social and physical distancing. You must keep a safe distance from the people around you (at least 1.8-2 meters) and you should not be in contact with other people (such as shaking hands, hugging, kissing hands, kissing cheeks, etc.). In good health you are not advised to use a mask.

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