Risk Of Hernia Surgery When Experiencing Lung Problems

Illustration of Risk Of Hernia Surgery When Experiencing Lung Problems
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, I want to ask. My father is now experiencing a hernia, and the doctor at the hospital where my father was treated suggested that he be operated on. It turned out that after an X-ray his lungs were also problematic. Is the risk dangerous or not?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. When talking about risks, even smaller, more frequent actions, and even in a fairly stable patient condition have risks. Easy, even taking over-the-counter drugs has the risk of side effects. And if you have a severe allergy to the drug, it could be life threatening.

So it is undeniable that there will definitely be a risk in this action, especially since your father turned out to have abnormalities in his lungs. In conditions like this, you need to do is discuss with the doctor, whether this operation should be done. Because not all emergency hernia operations. If the hernia is still missing, there is no pain, no complaints when defecating and the like, maybe the operation can be delayed until the condition of his lungs improves.

But if it has gotten worse and is declared to have surgery immediately, the mindset that you have to instill is that even though it is risky, this action needs to be taken to prevent your father from a more severe condition. Because, hernias are not without complications. If there are complications, with the condition of your father who has lung problems, it will be even more difficult to handle.

After all, the doctor who performed the operation would have assessed the patient's readiness to undergo the operation. For example, patients who will be operated on blood pressure is too high or too low, then without request by the patient or family the operation will be postponed. Same is the case with blood sugar levels, and other clinical conditions. If it is considered to be able to interfere with surgery and then threaten lives, surely your doctor will immediately delay the operation. If the doctor still asks for surgery even though he already knows the condition of your father's lungs, that means the doctor thinks that it is still quite controlled.

In essence, communicate with your doctor about all the risks, indications and treatment options that your father has. Discuss with your family about the steps you want to take, but if indeed the doctor says that this is a serious condition or requires a quick decision, it is better to obey the doctor said. So, hopefully answering your question.

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