Risk Of TB Transmission To Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Risk Of TB Transmission To Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Risk Of TB Transmission To Pregnant Women? mo.itg.be

Hello … Please enlighten me, I was pregnant in the first trimester. Whereas my mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis and is now in a 6-month treatment program. What is the risk of TB transmission for pregnant women under these conditions? Is there a way to prevent this transmission? Thank you in advance.

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In addition to complying with medication (for Ms. Sister), it is recommended for Sister and Sister to wear a mask, get enough nutrition, reduce exposure to people infected with tuberculosis, not cough and spit carelessly (for families with TB), try to ventilate and house windows to make the sun who entered the house enough. If you have a cough> 3 weeks, fever for no apparent reason> 2 weeks, a lump in the gland around the face, neck and armpits (painless), the weight of the pregnant woman always decreases and there is no significant increase, immediately consult a doctor or doctor of the disease in for further evaluation. If there are children who live in the same house as a sister, consult a pediatrician for evaluation and treatment (for example prophylactic / preventive antibiotics), especially in infants, make sure the baby has received bCG vaccination (on schedule).

It is undeniable, living together with people who have tuberculosis is a risk factor for contracting tuberculosis (due to continuous exposure / exposure). The risk that is found in pregnant women who have TB is the risk of low birth weight babies, preterm labor / premature delivery, delayed fetal growth, although it is unlikely to transmit TB to the fetus which causes congenital TB which is dangerous for the fetus. If you experience tuberculosis while pregnant, your doctor will give you drugs that are suitable for your pregnancy condition (avoid antibiotics from the aminoglycoside group) if you find that you have positive TB, pregnant women can be immediately treated, so that TB complications in pregnant women can be prevented and treated as early as possible.

hyperlink: the process of transmission of tuberculosis

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