Round Bumps On The Caesarean Section Stitches?

Illustration of Round Bumps On The Caesarean Section Stitches?
Illustration: Round Bumps On The Caesarean Section Stitches?

, I want to ask, yesterday I opened the surgical suture bandage, said a good suture doctor, it’s already dry. But when I arrived at my house, there was a round lump at the very end of the seam … the next day I saw my octopus was bleeding blood near the lump … Was it dangerous ??

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Hello Windha,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clear, when exactly did you have a cesarean section? Are there certain medications that you are still taking right now?

Lumps at the end of the cesarean section may indicate the following conditions:

Tissue lumps that are uneven when sewn

Secondary infection of the cesarean section, causing the skin to swell to form lumps

Hypertrophic skar, namely the formation of scar tissue in the former stitches
Lumps due to other reasons, for example infections or other tumors

The presence of bleeding in the lump in the cesarean seam may indicate irritation of the lump. This bleeding, if the occurrence exceeds 2 weeks after a cesarean, can also occur due to bleeding disorders, for example due to hemophilia, vitamin K deficiency, ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura), drug side effects, and so on.

You better go back to check your condition immediately to the doctor or obstetrician to evaluate your true condition. Whether your condition is dangerous or not depends on the underlying cause. Also depends on the cause, later treatment can be done by doctors in different ways, such as drug administration, wound care, or maybe surgery again.

At this time, what you should do:

Do not hold bumps or cesarean seams with dirty hands
Clean the blood coming out using sterile gauze, press so that the bleeding stops
Do not use clothes that are too tight
Restrict excessive physical activity first, especially those involving contractions of the abdominal muscles, such as lifting heavy weights, bending, carrying a baby, walking or jogging away
Do not carelessly give drugs to the former fault cage
Eat a variety of nutritious foods and drink enough
Do not smoke

Hope this helps ...

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