Rub The Newborn Green

Illustration of Rub The Newborn Green
Illustration: Rub The Newborn Green

My son’s doc is only about a week old, his right eye is green and his eyes are sticky. Will that be normal again, doc?

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Your baby's right eye (age 1 week) complaints are sticky and greenish, so this condition needs to be confirmed directly with your pediatrician. If this complaint arises from birth, then you should consider the possibility of infection in your baby's eyes due to infection since pregnancy or childbirth. If this has happened since the birth of your baby, you need to know the possible causes of infection during pregnancy and or during delivery. This needs to be confirmed directly by your obstetrician.

However, if this complaint has occurred in the past few days, then the presence of this eye strain can be triggered by eye inflammation in your baby. In the eyes of an inflamed baby, good care can be taken to help recover this complaint. And usually the inflammation of the eye can improve within 3-7 days after treatment and treatment from your pediatrician.

In infants, inflammation of the eyes with greenish green eyes, the possibility can be caused by several medical conditions below, such as:

Eye infections
The entry of foreign matter in the baby's eyes
Eye irritation
Blocked tear ducts or infection / inflammation of the tear ducts or lacrimal duct
The child has a cold or cough, which affects the child's eye health
Infections that occur during childbirth

Recovery of complaints of inflammation of the baby's eyes can usually be done well, but this still depends on the cause of the complaint itself. A good evaluation by a pediatrician or ophthalmologist will help find out the main cause and the right treatment for your baby, so that the recovery and healing process can be known.

If this complaint does not get immediate treatment from a doctor, then inflammation in your baby's eyes can run the risk of causing unwanted complications, such as swelling, fussy babies, widespread infections and damage to the cornea of ​​the eye.

Therefore, visit your pediatrician or your ophthalmologist, so that the doctor can carry out a direct examination and provide appropriate care for your child.

For now, avoid contact with your baby's eyes when you care for them. Avoid holding your face or eyes with your hands after caring for them. Use clean tissue or cloth to treat fluids in your child's eyes. And wash your hands before and after treating your child's eyes.

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