Rules For Consuming Blood-boosting Medicine (sangobion) In A Day?

Hello, can I take blood booster twice a day? Because my condition is lacking blood and blood pressure drops. And now I am menstruating. I checked my blood pressure 2 days before 90/60. Please feedback. Thank you

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Hi Andien,

Thank you for the question.

The drug you mentioned is an iron supplement that can prevent and treat anemia (lack of blood) by iron deficiency. This drug in capsules contains ferrous gluconate 250 mg (equivalent to 30 mg iron element). In addition to iron, this drug also contains vitamins and other minerals such as dietary sulfate, copper sulfate, vitamin C, folic acid, and vitamin B12.

The dose that must be given with this drug varies depending on the needs of taking this drug. If there is anemic condition due to iron deficiency, it is recommended to consume 60 mg of element iron 2-3 times daily, but if used as a daily supplement for women of reproductive age, it is recommended to consume 18 mg of element iron once a day. So, if there is no indication of anemia due to iron deficiency, you should only take 1 capsule per day (30 mg of the element iron), or you can consult a doctor who treats you to determine the dose. In addition, this drug is not used to raise blood pressure.

Use this medicine in accordance with the doctor's recommendations and in accordance with the information contained on the drug packaging. This drug should be taken before meals, and for 2 hours before and after taking this drug, you should avoid taking antacids, milk, tea or coffee, because it will reduce the performance of the drug. In addition, you can add vitamin C supplements because vitamin C can help increase iron absorption. And don't forget to eat foods that contain a lot of iron, such as red meat and beans.

Hopefully this information can help.


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