Rules For Taking Cough Medicine For Babies?

Illustration of Rules For Taking Cough Medicine For Babies?
Illustration: Rules For Taking Cough Medicine For Babies?

Malm … my 5-month-old child is now coughing up phlegm, can’t I give you a baby cough syrup as well as at least 6-month-old baby

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Exclusive breastfeeding is defined as breastfeeding without supplementation of food or other drinks, whether in the form of water, juice, or milk other than breast milk for the first 6 months. Whereas the provision of vitamins, minerals, and drugs is permitted during exclusive breastfeeding.

Based on the above terminology drug administration is permitted in children under 6 months of age based on appropriate medical indications. Every drug for children is calculated by the dose per kilogram of body weight by a doctor to avoid overdose or lack of dose. So you should consult with your doctor so that you can do the examination and the appropriate treatment.

To reduce complaints, mothers can do the following:

- Give ASI more often than usual if the child has a fever

- Suck baby's phlegm using a pipette or drop a saline solution

- Gently pat baby's back to reduce nasal congestion

- Keep baby from direct contact with adults who are not fit

- Avoid babies sleeping in air-conditioned rooms

Beware if a high-fever baby reaches> 39 degrees Celsius, there are seizures, breathing sounds and looks tight, do not want to suckle, and look weak. Immediately take your baby to the nearest health facility to get treatment as soon as possible.

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