Rules For Taking Medication For High Blood Pressure?

Illustration of Rules For Taking Medication For High Blood Pressure?
Illustration: Rules For Taking Medication For High Blood Pressure?

I have high blood pressure because I have asthma, so if it’s a bit short my blood pressure rises. r nThe doctor gave me 5mg amlodipine, then later I replaced it with 80mg micardis combined with 100mg herbeser cd capsules. r n After that, can I take amlodipine again for a while until I get micardis again because the price of micardis is expensive. r nAlso, I still drink it while I drink amlodipine? r n r nThank you r nI beg your advice r Nudin Komarudin

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Hi Komarudin Udin .. Thank you for the question given.

High blood pressure / hypertension is a condition where a person's blood pressure is more than 120/80. With this increase in pressure, the heart works stronger to pump blood throughout the body. The cause is due to increasing age, lack of activity, excessive salt consumption, heredity, smoking, or due to other diseases such as diabetes, blood vessel disorders, or due to abnormalities in the thyroid gland.

If the results of your doctor's examination are diagnosed with high blood pressure, you are required to take hypertension drugs, which should be taken every day for the long term. There are several groups of anti-hypertensive drugs, such as ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, angiotensin-2 receptor blockers, and calcium antagonists. The administration of this drug class is based on the results of the examination and is adjusted to your condition because each drug has its own benefits and effects.

Herbeser (containing diltiazem) and amlodipine are included in one group, namely anti-hypertensive drugs, calcium antagonists. This drug works by dilating blood vessels and lowering the heart rate so that it will lower blood pressure, control the stability of the heart rate, and prevent pain. Because this drug is included in one group, it does not need to be consumed at one time. You can choose one or the drug because it has the same way of working. Meanwhile, Micardis is a trademark containing telmisartan which belongs to the angiotensin-2 receptor blocker class.

If you have objections to the price of micardis and your blood pressure is still high then it's a good idea to see a doctor. So that the doctor can return to the examination directly, see your medical history, and consult if necessary to change drugs. We cannot recommend changing to another type of drug because we do not have your medical history and do not do an in-person examination. In addition, do a healthy lifestyle such as: exercising regularly, avoiding smoking and alcohol, avoiding psychological stress, and avoiding fatty and salty foods to keep your blood pressure under control.

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