Rules For Taking Medicine?

Illustration of Rules For Taking Medicine?
Illustration: Rules For Taking Medicine?

want to ask about the use of drugs. Here it says 2×4 and 3×6, what does it mean how many times has it been taken?

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Need to clarify, what drug are you referring to? For which complaints and diseases is the medicine prescribed? What is your age, height and weight?

Rules for taking medicine are not made haphazardly. This needs to be made by considering the nature of the drug, the onset of the action, the duration of the action, its metabolism, its interactions with other foods or drugs, its effective dosage, indications for its use, the patient's age and body posture, as well as the sufferer's general health condition. Without knowing these things, of course we are not authorized to explain in detail the rules of taking medication that your doctor gives you, especially without checking you directly. Explaining the rules of taking drugs clearly in free forums like this also violates medical ethics because it is prone to be misused by irresponsible parties, especially for drugs that are not classified as over-the-counter drugs.

So that your illness is handled properly, ideally, you consult the intent of the rules of taking the medicine to the doctor who prescribed it or the pharmacist who made it. That way, you can avoid taking drugs that are at risk of making your disease more difficult to cure and the potential for side effects can increase.

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