Rules For Taking Menstruation Delay Pills?

Illustration of Rules For Taking Menstruation Delay Pills?
Illustration: Rules For Taking Menstruation Delay Pills?

Hello, I want to ask, on this 25th, Allah will go Umrah. Usually my menstrual cycle is on 14 days ago, but until now I haven’t had my period yet. So I take the menstruation delay medication / Primolud when? And how to drink it three times a day or what? Do you have to drink every day, thank you.

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Primolut is a drug that contains Norethiseron. This drug is a synthetic hormone progesterone that can be given in several conditions such as excessive bleeding during menstruation, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and delay menstruation. This drug is a hard drug (medicine with a red circle label) that you should not take without going through an examination from a doctor first and you should not be able to buy without a doctor's prescription.

Women who plan to go Umrah are actually advised to go to the gynecologist at least 3 months before the trip is carried out for menstrual planning. Even though it is now too late for an ideal menstrual planning, you can still delay menstruation by using drugs that contain progesterone alone ( Primolut one of them) in consultation with the obstetrician first. Drugs containing progesterone alone are recommended to be taken 3 times a day at least 3 days before the estimated next menstruation up to 10-14 days as needed. Because right now there is already a delay in menstruation, it is better before taking certain medicines, you also do a pregnancy check first to make sure your menstrual delay is not caused by pregnancy.

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