Rules For Using Captopril Drugs.?

Illustration of Rules For Using Captopril Drugs.?
Illustration: Rules For Using Captopril Drugs.?

Hello doctor, I want to ask you about captopril medicine for blood pressure. When I was tested for blood pressure 90/140, then I was given a prescription for captopril. After a few days I drank my blood pressure and dropped 92/55. stop taking captopril dl or still be taken with other drugs the dose is 12.5 mg morning, afternoon, evening drink. please explain. thank you

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Hi Dony,

Captopril is a type of drug that is commonly used to treat hypertension and heart failure. In the condition of kidney disorders due to diabetes, this drug is also important to use.

Its use is recommended only by prescription and doctor's recommendation. You should consult with the doctor who has examined you beforehand, to find out whether you should interrupt the use of this drug or stop it.

Indeed, the purpose of using the drug captopril in your condition initially was to lower and maintain blood pressure within normal limits. With the condition of your kidneys disturbed, this drug should be one of the drugs of choice for use.

The blood pressure you are referring to above is probably 140/90 mmHg, not vice versa. Then down to 92/55 mmHg. This decrease indeed exceeds the limits that should be. Usually, the doctor will reassess whether this drug is needed to be used continuously, or reduced the dose of its use, or look for whether there are other causes / conditions that make your blood pressure drop more than expected.

Our suggestion:

All actions that you will take should be consulted with the doctor who has examined you. If you are still worried, also consult directly with other internists.
The use of drugs must also be supported by a healthy lifestyle, for example: eating healthy food, drinking enough water, and regular breaks.
Also pay attention to other drugs or alternative medicines that you are currently taking, consult this matter with your doctor
Thus, hopefully can help you.

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