Rules For Using Eye Drops?

Illustration of Rules For Using Eye Drops?
Illustration: Rules For Using Eye Drops?

Hello, I have been a contact lens user for many years, but not every day I use it. A week is about 3-5x and the rest I intersperse wearing glasses. Every time I use contact lenses, sometimes when I take it off my eyes turn pink eyes or red veins appear. Usually I immediately drops 1-2 drops of Rohto and immediately heals. If the redness is rather severe, I use cendo xitrol a drop and get well soon. I only use a maximum of 1 times a day. My question is, how often is the use of eye drops that are considered dangerous? Because it is written is prohibited for long-term use. For my case who like to use these drops to get rid of red 1x a day in a period of about 2-3 weeks, is it still safe? Thank you

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Red eye due to contact lens use is often caused by irritation, both from the contact lens and from the touch of the hand when installing or removing. Generally the irritation is caused by a mild and temporary nature and can heal itself in a few minutes even without the use of eye drops.

However, if necessary, you can use artificial tear drops to provide moisture content to the eyes after the use of contact lenses.

Cendo xitrol is an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory corticosteroid eye drops that are not recommended for daily use, this medicine is only used when there are indications of eye infection according to doctor's instructions. Rohto is an eye decongestant medicine to relieve eye irritation and mwrah but is not recommended for long-term routine use

If complaints continue to occur every time you use contact lenses, you should consult with an eye specialist to get further evaluation and examination related to your condition.

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