Rules For Using KB Injections?

Illustration of Rules For Using KB Injections?
Illustration: Rules For Using KB Injections?

Morning doctr, my mom Ara was 27 years old, was already married at 1 ank of age 2 years old … I just had prtma x take the pills, before I injected 1 pb 1 month ago. (Up to the 24th period after menstruation) and now 5 March, the maximum number of birth control pills. On the 25th of February to 1 March my husband came home and was married. On the 2nd day, he went back to the office and he wanted 2 months or 3 months again .. what I want to ask the doctor is the pill, we continue to drink until the next menstruation or stop until the date now? Because the husband has also departed for service again, and returned a long time ago around 5 months ..

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There is a history of Kb injection and now you want to switch to birth control pills and remember that your husband is on duty outside the city in the long run, so if your next husband returns in 5 months, you can stop your current birth control pills. If previously you routinely use injectable birth control and you continue directly with birth control pills, then in general, family planning programs are still running well to delay pregnancy. However, if you stop injecting birth control for a long time or have stopped for a month, and you continue the Kb pill, then in the initial period of taking birth control pills, to prevent the risk of pregnancy during the first week of taking birth control pills, it should also be helped with other contraceptive devices, namely condoms .

In connection with the plan to stop birth control pills, and your husband's assignment plan, you can directly stop the birth control pills that you consume from the beginning of your period, and there is no need to wait until one pill package is finished. But in the future, you should consider a family planning program with a choice of family planning devices that is suitable for you and help you to undergo a family planning program optimally with the conditions you face.

If you still choose to use birth control pills, then to further prevent the risk of failure of the birth control program, you should start using one menstrual cycle pill before your husband comes or at least two weeks before your husband comes. If in doubt, you can use a condom to help your family planning program.

While other options that help KB programs with the conditions that you meet, you can choose other family planning tools such as non-hormonal spiral that can help the KB program for years, so no matter when your husband comes, with this spiral, your family planning program will continue to run well . You can also choose other types of birth control such as implantable hormonal birth control that also helps with years of family planning programs.

However, you should discuss in person and visit directly with your obstetrician or your midwife regarding plans for a family planning program that is right for you. The doctor will conduct interviews and evaluate your clinical condition and related to you and your husband's wishes. Thus, you can undergo a family planning program well.

For now, you can dig up information related to some KB programs or tools that might be suitable for you, such as:

 understand what birth control devices you can use the side effects of birth control devices how to use them for how long to use them

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