Rules For Wearing Dental Crowns?

Illustration of Rules For Wearing Dental Crowns?
Illustration: Rules For Wearing Dental Crowns?

whether after dental crowns have been installed then there is a problem that requires the crown to be removed first for further treatment can be replaced or should a new crown be made?

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For dental crowns that must be removed first for further treatment, when it is at the dental crown level, there are several things that need to be considered to determine whether the crown can still be used again or a new crown must be made.

First, it is important to know in advance the purpose of dental crown installation, namely:

1. to protect teeth that have been damaged and broken

2. Support the composition of the teeth when there are loose teeth

3. to be a bridge between adjacent teeth

4. protect the dental implant

When the crown crown function is known, then it is necessary to know whether the cause (problem) that makes the crown of the tooth must be removed first, whether the problem is from the supporting teeth, or the problem is from the crown condition.

If the problem stems from the crown, such as the condition of the tooth crown that has previously been used, is it damaged, broken, dirty, and whether it is still strong enough to be used again. It is better to determine the condition of your dental crowns at this time, you need to consult (come) directly to the nearest Dental Conservation Specialist (Sp.KG) Dentist. If the nearest dentist has said that the crown is still within normal limits and can be reused, it means that the crown does not need to be made new but can use the old crown. However, if a dental crown is said to be impossible to use again, it means that it must make a new dental crown.

In addition, if the problem comes from the supporting teeth, it is also necessary to know more about the condition of the teeth whose support is broken, damaged, and so on. To find out the condition of the supporting teeth, you also need to consult a dentist in dental conservation specialist.

For the time being you have not visited the nearest dentist, there are several steps that can be used to maintain the condition of the crown of the teeth, namely:

It is recommended to chew with teeth that are not crowned.
reduce chewy, sticky and cold foods like candy, ice cubes, and others
Use a toothbrush carefully

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