Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose And Dry Throat, Do You Contract The Corona Virus?

Doc, I’m a nurse at the HD specialty hospital. All of my patients are outpatients, so I don’t know what their respective conditions are. But before entering the hospital they were screened first. Long story short I have 3 days flu, runny nose when the night is blocked. Body temperature 36.2, dry throat. No coughing and not tightness. Since this outbreak I regularly take supplements (propolis) and honey. Does my condition include symptoms of Corona, so I keep thinking doc. Thank you..

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Hello Atika,

Thank you for the question.

Health workers, including nurses, are indeed one of the groups at high risk of contracting COVID-19 because of their interactions with patients. Reviewing the various cases that have occurred, not all sufferers of COVID-19 will show typical symptoms, so it is often difficult to detect. Therefore, vigilance and prevention are the main aspects that need to be done.

Your condition with runny nose, stuffy nose, and dry throat may indicate that you have contracted COVID-19. But it could also, these complaints purely indicate mild inflammation around your nose (rhinitis) and throat (pharyngitis), such as due to allergies, irritation, dry throat, aspiration of foreign bodies, polyps, viral or other bacterial infections (other than new Corona virus ), etc.

If complaints that appear mild, not accompanied by high fever for more than 3 days, shortness of breath, or other severe complaints, you better not panic. Excessive panic can actually increase the production of stress hormones that are vulnerable to make your immune system decrease. Especially considering your activities as a health worker which is certainly solid in the midst of the outbreak of COVID-19.

Better, first resolve your complaint by:

 Get plenty of rest, ask permission if necessary from your supervisor. Take care of your diet, vary the nutritional value in your food, consume supplements if necessary Regular exercise. Drink plenty of warm water. Use adequate masks and personal protective equipment at work. Improve personal hygiene and your residence. your nose with NaCl liquid Do not over-eat and drink cold if it is felt that your complaint does not improve, or if it appears more severe complaints as we have mentioned above, do not hesitate to check yourself to the doctor or ENT doctor to be treated properly, right? ..

I hope this helps.

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