Rushed Breath Accompanied By Nausea And Palpitations?

Illustration of Rushed Breath Accompanied By Nausea And Palpitations?
Illustration: Rushed Breath Accompanied By Nausea And Palpitations?

I want to ask my breath. I like to rush if I panic, worry, sometimes until my nausea and vomiting, palpitations, are there panic symptoms or are there other symptoms? I always feel afraid until insomnia

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Hello Dewiyusmi, thank you for the question.

The things you describe are part of the fight or flight response that humans have. Just like all living things, humans have reflexes. Reflexes aim to protect themselves or defend themselves so that damage does not occur. When stimuli or stimuli from outside the body or within the body itself are captured by the senses and human organs, reflexes arise. Reflexes can be responses that are seen by the eye or not.

For example when people are faced with situations that make them anxious or afraid, the body's response that can be seen for example in the form of running away from it. Responses that can not be seen in the form, rapid heartbeat, stress hormones are produced, heartburn, and so on. The symptoms you feel are the body's normal response to stress.

The problem is, what is the cause of your panic and paranoia. Naturally, if someone is faced with an uncomfortable situation, a dangerous situation, then then people feel anxiety, panic, and fear. The next reflex is in the form of what you experience, that is, palpitations, rapid breathing, nausea, vomiting, cold sweat. Unnatural is, when the things mentioned above, occur without a clear trigger. If you cannot clearly state what causes anxiety and panic, then anxiety and panic occur at any time, disturbing your daily life, then you should consult this with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Your psychiatrist or psychologist will conduct repeated counseling sessions to find out if you might experience anxiety disorders, panic attacks, or depression. Tell this to your trusted person. Ask for positive support from them. The experts will help you overcome your anxiety and panic gradually.

Thus my brief information, I hope you get the best solution. Regards.

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