Sad For No Reason, More Sensitive, Mood Disorders, Irritability, And Prefer To Be Alone?

Illustration of Sad For No Reason, More Sensitive, Mood Disorders, Irritability, And Prefer To Be Alone?
Illustration: Sad For No Reason, More Sensitive, Mood Disorders, Irritability, And Prefer To Be Alone?

Afternoon, I want to ask it already 2 days I feel my feelings are not good without cause. I think it’s because I miss my family, I have already contacted my family but my feelings are still uneasy for no reason. Lately I feel this feeling when the end of the month. I sometimes cry without cause, sensitive, irritable, mood swings easily, lazy to talk, more often daydreaming, alone. I am not like my usual self. Am I alright? Thank you in advance

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Hello Nindia Thank you for asking to

Complaints such as sadness for no reason, more sensitive, mood disorders, irritability, more reserved, more alone can be symptoms of mental health or mental health problems. Where is good mental health is when your mind is in a calm condition, so you can enjoy your daily life and be able to respect the people around you.

And if mental health is disrupted, complaints can arise as you feel so that it interferes with the ability to think and sis your heart. In addition, prolonged mental health disorders can cause you to be able to control your emotions which will later have a negative effect on you.

Your complaint can be caused by a mental health disorder that can be caused by a variety of possibilities for example:

Stress, stress occurs when someone experiences a very heavy pressure. When under stress, a person tends to be anxious, anxious, more sensitive, easy to reach or even then can lead to depression. When you are stressed, symptoms that can appear include: Being a loner, pulling away Being lazy talking and interacting with others. Irritability Decreased appetite or overeating Triggers you to do bad things like, excessive alcohol drinking, excessive smoking Difficult to sleep Frequent headaches Depression, depression are one of the mood disorders or moods that affect your mindset and feelings in dealing with daily activities . Symptoms that arise when people are depressed are: Loss of interest and interest in something he previously liked self Feeling useless If mental health is disrupted and if you feel the complaint occurs to you you should consult a doctor or psychologist specilis specialist who is an expert in handling it. Because disturbed mental health can have an impact on your mood, thought content, and the way you deal with a problem that can have a negative impact on you. Even more so if the complaint is disturbing or hindering you in doing your daily tasks, do not hesitate to come to a psychiatrist or psychologist so that your complaints are resolved and do not get worse which triggers more severe mental health disorders.

Your doctor or psychologist will further ask about your medical history and about your life and carry out psychological examinations and nerves to determine the cause of the complaint that is happening to you. And if needed, your doctor may give you psychotherapy or medication.

If you realize early, and check early, treatment can be done early so that things or more severe mental health disorders can be prevented. So you can move normally as before.

To help reduce stress or complaints that can trigger depression, you can do things like this:

Interacting with others, for example maintaining your social interactions with family, the people closest to you or the people you just met. You can tell the problem that you are experiencing or that you are thinking about to people you trust. Regular exercise, exercise is known to reduce stress. Sleep enough, avoid smoking, excessive alcohol Doing relaxation Do things that make your heart happy for example by doing a hobby that you enjoy doing Busy away with things that are positive and useful So the answers from us, hopefully useful.

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