Safe Birth Control Pills For Nursing Mothers?

Illustration of Safe Birth Control Pills For Nursing Mothers?
Illustration: Safe Birth Control Pills For Nursing Mothers?


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In breastfeeding, it is very important to pay attention to the consumption of medicines, especially for contraception. Birth control pills are one of the types of contraceptives used to prevent pregnancy. For special conditions such as breastfeeding, it is strongly not recommended to use drugs that can interfere with milk production. in the pill you mentioned there is an hormone estrogen, which can interfere with the production of breast milk so it is not recommended for consumption. And you should use only on the advice of a midwife or doctor who handles mothers.

Options for contraception that can be used in mothers with oral IUDs, which can be installed inside the genitals. Then the hormone progestin injection can be used as an alternative to replacing birth control pills. Because true lactation birth control pills only contain the hormone progesterone, do not contain hormone estrogen until it is safe for consumption by breastfeeding mothers.

You should consult with your doctor or midwife to discuss family planning that is suitable for you. in fact you are breastfeeding your child the same as you do a natural birth control called the lactation ammonorrhea or lactation amennorhoe method ... its effectiveness reaches 98%. But once the effectiveness can be met, if:

I haven't had my period yet.
Breastfeeding infants exclusively - just breast milk, without any additional food drinks.
Breastfeed as often as possible - at least 12 times a day - and as long as possible. Interval or pause during the day of breastfeeding no more than 4 hours and the interval at night no more than 6 hours.
Keep breastfeeding even if the mother or baby is sick, because if you stop breastfeeding, milk production can be reduced and reduce levels of the hormone prolactin.
Do not use bottles, pacifiers or nipple shields, because they can interfere with the baby's process of sucking milk. If the baby does not suck properly, will reduce the level of the hormone prolactin.

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