Safe Exercise For People With Weak Heart And Anemia?

Illustration of Safe Exercise For People With Weak Heart And Anemia?
Illustration: Safe Exercise For People With Weak Heart And Anemia?

Hi, my partner is a weak heart sufferer from birth, and had college activities at night and many campus spots containing pollution from cigarette smoke, is this dangerous? even though he is not an active smoker. and he also wanted to jog because he wanted to lose his excess weight from the ideal body weight, but I was worried that if he was too tired he might faint, because he also had anemia. for sports, please advise what exercise is appropriate for people with weak heart, and whether a weak heart can recover completely? thanks.

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Hi dhanhes,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, what kind of weak heart disease do you mean?

The term weak heart is actually a term that is often used by ordinary people. This term can refer to several health conditions, for example cardiomyopathy (widening of the heart), heart failure, or others. Therefore, to avoid misinterpretation, you should first clarify the purpose of your question.

If you mean cardiomyopathy, this condition can occur due to many reasons, some are inherited or acquired. Some conditions that increase a person's risk of cardiomyopathy include uncontrolled hypertension, heart cell damage due to heart attacks, arrhythmias (heart rhythm disorders), heart valve disorders, metabolic disorders (eg obesity, diabetes, or hyperthyroidism), malnutrition (for example vitamin deficiencies) B1), pregnancy, alcohol consumption, consumption of drugs or drugs containing steroids, having an infection that causes inflammation of the liver, hemochromatosis (iron buildup in the heart muscle), sarcoidosis, amyloidosis, connective tissue disorders, and so on. All of the above factors make the heart pump function decrease dramatically, so that sufferers will experience shortness of breath, body swelling, coughing, weakness, fatigue, palpitations, discomfort in the chest, dizziness, even fainting.

Handling of cardiomyopathy can be done with a variety of approaches based on the cause, type, and severity of the disease. However, if not treated properly, cardiomyopathy sufferers can experience severe complications, such as heart failure, even sudden death. Therefore, it is more appropriate if you invite your partner to see his complaint to a doctor, a specialist in internal medicine, or a heart specialist, yes. Various checks can be done by the doctor in an effort to determine the best treatment.

Meanwhile, your partner can do the following steps so they can work well in the midst of the disorder they suffer:

Stay away from alcohol, drugs and cigarettes
Periodically control your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar
Live a healthy diet, multiply vegetables, fish oil, and fruits that are rich in antioxidants, do not over-consume fatty foods and high cholesterol, reduce salt and foods that contain simple carbohydrates
Sleep adequately and regularly
Reduce stress
Maintain body weight so you don't get overweight
Regularly exercise, do it according to your ability --- do it, do it with intensity, frequency, and duration that are increased gradually, do not drastically directly heavy, exercise indoors to minimize fatigue due to exposure to excessive heat, you can do brisk walking, jogging, cycling yoga, aerobics and so on

Hope this helps ...

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