Safe Liquid Supplement For Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Safe Liquid Supplement For Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Safe Liquid Supplement For Pregnant Women?

Tonight … r nSorry I want to ask, is Mr. Pro HWI (weight gain) good for pregnant women? If good, what are the benefits ?? r nThank you

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Hi Nurendah,

The product you mentioned above is claimed to be a liquid multivitamin product consisting of pure honey, propolis and royal jelly. One of the effects of this honey is to increase body weight, due to its fructose sugar content.

The use of honey for pregnant women has positive and negative effects, including:

Helps strengthen the immune system
Help reduce insomnia
Can increase blood sugar levels, in pregnant women with gestational diabetes
Can cause an allergic reaction if it does not match one of the ingredients in the product
Honey can increase the risk of bleeding, in pregnant women who have previous bleeding disorders

To increase weight in pregnant women, the following tips can help:

Eat healthy foods with balanced nutritional patterns
If you experience excessive nausea, vomiting, please discuss with your obstetrician, so that it does not interfere with your nutrition and the fetus
Adding a portion of drinking milk and mixing milk on the daily menu can also help increase the weight of pregnant women
Protein supplements are believed to help increase the weight of pregnant women, but with the dosage and use as recommended by your doctor

Please read the following article: Pregnant women's weight

You should first discuss the use of honey products with the obstetrician who treats you, so that the use is appropriate and does not cause unwanted effects.

Thus the explanation, hopefully it helps

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