Safe Medication For Diet?

Illustration of Safe Medication For Diet?
Illustration: Safe Medication For Diet?

I am 18 years old, I experienced sudden fat, at first my weight was only 56 kg to 80 kg in a very fast period of time … I want to be thin again, how? … Oh yeah I have magh, and inflammation of the intestine. According to the doctor, what is the right medicine for me … Thank you, hopefully with the sincerity of doctors who want to help / share fellow living beings, get an abundant fortune. Always given health. Serve to God amen

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Hello Muh Rezky, Thank you for the question.

Having an ideal weight is not only a woman's dream but also a dream for a man. Many more have an instant way to achieve these results without being aware of other health risks behind improper ways. You need to remember, that to lose weight to achieve ideal body weight can not occur in a short time, commitment and consistency are needed in the long term. Although supplement products or drugs that are claimed to lose weight sound promising, but this method is not recommended.

To achieve the desired weight loss, you can take the following recommendations:

have a strong commitment. Without a strong commitment, lifestyle changes and diets are difficult to achieve and good weight loss is also difficult to achieve
reduce your calorie consumption, by having foods that contain vegetable protein, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. You can also use dietary milk instead of food portions
consumption of carbohydrates as much as a third of the portion of food
choose low-fat protein sources such as fish, lean meat, low-fat milk
Avoid consumption of fried foods, ready meals, or packaged foods and drinks
Avoid consumption of foods with high salt content
Avoid consuming sweet foods and drinks
exercise regularly 5 times a day with each of them for at least 30 minutes

Feel free to consult with a nutrition specialist further to help you have healthier foods and determine the right portion of food for you. Remember, weight changes that are too drastic have their own health risks. Therefore, avoid ways that promise drastic weight loss, yes.

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Hopefully this information is useful.

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