Safe Ointment For Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Safe Ointment For Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Safe Ointment For Pregnant Women?

… I want to ask the ointment Denomix Desoxymethason Neomycin sulfate for pregnant women to use … thanks

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Hi Ameliya,

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Not only pregnant women, everyone is not advised to use any ointment without clear medical indications. The condition of you who are pregnant makes you need to be more careful, considering that a little or a lot of the contents of the ointment that you use has the potential to affect the health of your fetus.

The question now is, how exactly is your pregnancy? What kind of complaints did you experience that you intended to use the ointment? Is the ointment prescribed directly by a doctor?

The ointment you mentioned has active ingredients of desoxymethasone and neomycin sulfate. Desoxymethasone is a type of anti-inflammatory drug that is useful in minimizing symptoms of inflammation, including itching, swelling, and redness of the skin. Usually, this drug is prescribed in cases of allergies or other skin inflammation. Meanwhile, neomycin sulfate is one type of antibiotic whose role is to eradicate bacteria, for example bacteria that cause acne, prickly heat, and so on. Therefore, if judging from the womb, the ointment you mentioned can be used to treat skin disorders in the form of inflammation that has a secondary infection due to bacteria.

As stated in the package, this ointment is not included in the class of over-the-counter medicines. Therefore, before using it, you need to check your complaint to the doctor or dermatologist. The use of this ointment in pregnant women is not recommended to be done without a prescription and supervision from a doctor because it has the potential to cause a negative impact on fetal development. Usually, doctors will only give this ointment if the perceived benefits far exceed the potential risks that may occur.

Therefore, do not carelessly use ointments ..

I hope this helps.

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