Safe Or Not Taking The Baby To The Cinema?

Hello .. I have a baby whose age is 11 months and 10 days. . The plan is I want to take my child with my husband to watch an action film which is currently booming, I can’t leave my child because he can’t take too long if it’s not with me, his mother … after all, my son still drinks breastmilk right away and doesn’t want to use a bottle .. Can I take my child to watch a movie or what should I do? ? Thank you very much

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Hello sister Feniraaa,

Bringing the baby out of the house either to worship ceremonies, concerts, cinemas, parties, family gatherings or to other recreational places should pay attention to several factors:

- Baby's health, that is, make sure the baby is in a healthy and fit condition, marked by the baby is not fussy, the baby does not have a fever and there is no cold cough, vomiting, diarrhea

- Environmental factors that are targeted, such as: there should be no loud sounds that startle the baby and have an impact on hearing loss, dust or smoke that irritates the airways, extreme air such as too cold to too hot to rain.

- Avoid people around who are sick and have the potential to transmit disease.

It is recommended not to bring babies to the cinema because the cinema environment has loud sounds, sudden glare to cold and dark air or sudden effects that can make the baby disturbed, surprised and endanger the baby's hearing.

We recommend that you entrust the baby to a special care center that is trusted or with family. During care, you can use a bottle, a special glass for babies, and a dropper for breastfeeding. hopefully useful

click the article; Take the baby outside. Take the baby to the movies

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