Safe Treatment For Baby’s Eyes Greenish-yellow Discharge?

Illustration of Safe Treatment For Baby’s Eyes Greenish-yellow Discharge?
Illustration: Safe Treatment For Baby’s Eyes Greenish-yellow Discharge?

Good evening Doctor, Is the use of eye drops safe for children aged 7 months? 2 days ago my child’s eyes had a lot of dirt on the edges, greenish yellow color. Because it looked unnatural, I was told to use choloromfenicol drops by a doctor. I didn’t think to ask comparing with the type of ointment at that time. But at the pharmacy, the pharmacist suggested ointments for infants with the brand terra cortril, because the baby’s eyes were given drops of medication he said. How should? Is it true that drops are more damaging (have side effects) to the baby’s cornea than the ointment? Please enlighten me … Thank you.

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Hi Rara,

Thank you for asking

A greenish-yellow discharge will usually indicate an infected eye. The exact part of the eye that has this infection can vary, can be limited to the outside of the eye (conjunctivitis), or the deeper part (for example uveitis, keratitis, endophthalmitis, etc.). This infection is vulnerable to occur in infants due to the body's immune system is still relatively weak. Poor personal hygiene and contact between the eyes with dirty substances can also trigger this infection. Not only abnormal discharge from the eyes, infection in the baby's eyes can also make the eyes become runny, reddish, swollen, itchy, painful, more sensitive to light, and difficult to see.

The selection of the best type of therapy to treat eye infections is worth considering the possible causes of infection, the severity, and also the complaints that arise. If the infection is suspected to be caused by bacteria, of course the use of antibiotics needs to be done, as your doctor has prescribed to your baby. As for other therapies can also be given according to the severity of the disease and complaints that arise.

There is no prohibition for babies with eye infections to use eye drops. Not only drug preparations that need to be considered in dealing with infections of the eye, but also the contents in it. Doctors who examine the condition of your baby's eyes directly certainly better understand the best management that needs to be done to overcome the disease. Therefore, you should follow the treatment recommendations as the doctor recommends. If in doubt, you can ask for a second opinion by checking your baby again to the doctor, ophthalmologist, or other pediatrician.

In order to speed healing, in addition to giving medication to the baby's eyes according to the doctor's advice, you should also do:

Do not give other medicines except those prescribed by the doctor
Clean the eye secretions that come out of the baby's eyes with a clean tissue, which does not contain fragrance, and is replaced periodically
Take care of the environment around the baby so that it is not dusty, good humidity, not polluting, and also not exposed to direct sunlight
Avoid the baby from rubbing his eyes excessively
Give the baby a nutritious breast milk and MPASI so that the immune system is stronger

Hope this helps ...

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