Safe Way To Prevent Pregnancy?

Illustration of Safe Way To Prevent Pregnancy?
Illustration: Safe Way To Prevent Pregnancy?

two days ago my stomach acid just went up so nausea and it all hurt until now the rest of my nausea is also afraid of getting pregnant while my husband and I still want to think about my career too afraid that this is pregnant but I haven’t tested you yet I just checked what medicine you think you have. effective for cleaning the womb huh? thanks

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We need to explain beforehand, that ideally, each married couple should plan well what will happen to their household, including the decision to postpone having a child or to rush it. If you and your husband really intend to postpone pregnancy, then it is wise for both of you to first avoid sexual intercourse or use proven effective contraceptives. Currently, there are many types of contraception that are easily accessed and used by both men and women. So, the best step is to prevent fertilization from occurring, instead of shedding the already formed fertilization. The action that you want to take can be categorized as an attempt to abort the pregnancy, which is a criminal act that can be punished with a criminal penalty and a heavy fine. This applies not only to those of you who do it, but also all those who facilitate it (including those who provide information related to how to do an abortion). Due to ethical and humanitarian reasons, we are sorry that we are not authorized to answer your questions.

Nausea and body aches can occur due to hormonal changes during early pregnancy. This complaint will usually be accompanied by the absence of menstruation. However, besides being pregnant, these complaints can also arise due to other causes, for example:

Gastritis, gastric ulcers (inflammation or sores in the gastric mucosa) Viral or bacterial infections, for example dengue fever, typhoid fever, urinary tract infections Fatigue Psychosomatic disorders Hormonal changes before menstruation Side effects of drugs, etc. If you suspect you are pregnant, then worry too much before , You can do a testpack first. Testpacks can be done after you experience a delayed menstruation to get more accurate results. Then, whatever the result, then you can repeat it 3 to 7 days later to be sure. Or, you can also confirm it with a doctor's examination. Usually, through a blood test or ultrasound the doctor can identify the possibility of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, then as responsible adults, it is best for both of you to accept this gift of God, and take care of it until it is born and then raise it.

However, if according to your doctor's examination, you are not pregnant, then as we have explained above, you and your partner should discuss what method of contraception is most appropriate with your doctor. That way, the risk of pregnancy can be prevented properly.

In the meantime, you can relieve nausea and aches in your body by getting plenty of rest, first reduce activities that make you tired, and calm your mind. Reduce first foods that are too acidic, spicy, and contain fat. Also limit caffeine. If nausea and pain are bothersome, you can take antacids 30 minutes before meals and also paracetamol to make complaints better.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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