Safety Facial Cleansing Soap?

Illustration of Safety Facial Cleansing Soap?
Illustration: Safety Facial Cleansing Soap?

Hello … r nSy Surya Ramadani … I’m currently using Amoorea soap. BPOM is written on the packaging. Is the product that I use really safe ?????

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Hi Surya,

Thank you for asking

Choosing cleansing soap for the skin, including facial skin, is tricky and difficult. Supposedly, the use of cleansing soap is beneficial to make the skin brighter, dead skin cells lifted, so that skin re-integration also runs more optimally to produce healthy skin cells. However, wrongly, the use of soap that is not appropriate, it can actually create new problems on the skin, such as irritation, allergies, and so on.

According to some sources, the soap you mentioned contains a good composition of functions to maintain healthy skin, including disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium coco-sulfate, triticum vulgare, titanium dioxide, glycerin, heilmoor clay, algae extract, polygluconic acid, and so on. But unfortunately, there is still very limited information available relating to what and exactly how much composition of the soap you mentioned.

Therefore, without looking directly at the soap, and without checking directly what your skin condition is like, we are not authorized to judge whether the cleansing soap is right for you to use, or not. Registered with BPOM does not necessarily mean that a soap product is safe for you to use. Because, the needs of each skin type can be different. So, ideally, you should consult with a doctor directly or see a skin specialist in order to determine what type of skin care is right for you to use.

To maintain healthy skin, besides having the right skin care products, the following steps should you take:

Don't overuse makeup
Clean your face after every activity, before going to sleep
Diligent shower, wash your face with soap that matches your skin type
Do not rub excessive skin, do not also hold the skin using dirty hands
Use sunscreen and moisturizer before your activity
Protect skin from exposure to pollution, dust, sunlight, and other harmful irritants
Enough sleep and regular
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables that are good for nourishing the skin from the inside
Apply a healthy lifestyle, manage stress well

Choose soap according to skin type

Hope this helps ...

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