Safety Of Pulling Cavities During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Safety Of Pulling Cavities During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Safety Of Pulling Cavities During Pregnancy?

Good night. I want to ask: I have very large cavities and only a few teeth are left porous. Above the second from the very tip. When eating hard, it hurts and my gums swell, so it bothers me to eat. I want to pull out but am pregnant in the second trimester. Is it safe or not? Thank you 😊

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Hello Ambar,

Thank you for the question.

Teeth can become severe cavities of course it takes a long time, can take months, even years since before you get pregnant. As early as possible, these cavities should be treated, so the holes are not wider and deeper. Because, holes in the teeth that are wide and deep can not only cause pain, but can also be the focus of infection that is prone to spread to the gums (and make the gums swollen), and other distant tissues. If it's like this, of course the handling will be even more difficult to do.

Handling of cavities needs to be done directly by the dentist. There, the doctor will examine the condition of your teeth and mouth as a whole, and can even do an x-ray examination to assess the extent of damage that occurs in your teeth and gums. Furthermore, the treatment can be done differently, it can be patched immediately, first treatment of the new root canal can be patched, or also pulled out and then put back the dentures on it. Some medications can also be prescribed by doctors to help relieve pain, swelling, and other symptoms of inflammation.

During pregnancy, dental procedures, including patches and tooth extractions, are indeed quite risky. In some cases, this procedure can trigger uterine muscle contractions, which if severe enough, can lead to miscarriage (if the age of the womb is still small) as well as preterm labor (for the greater uterine age). However, if it is felt that the resulting mafaat far exceeds this risk, then the procedure can still be carried out even in pregnancy.

Therefore, the most entitled to determine what the best treatment steps that need to be done related to the condition of your teeth, as well as when to do this treatment (whether it can be during pregnancy or need to be postponed), surely the dentist is checking you directly. So, you should consult with him right away ... For the time being, the pain that arises can be relieved by taking paracetamol, warm compresses on the outside of painful teeth, and gargling with warm saline solution.

Hope this helps ...

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