Safety Of TB Sufferers Taking Supplements

Illustration of Safety Of TB Sufferers Taking Supplements
Illustration: Safety Of TB Sufferers Taking Supplements

I want to ask, I’m on TB treatment where I was given the drug Rifastar 4-FDC EC Tab (Rifampicin, Inh, Pza, Ethambutol) u0026amp; Vit B6 10mg tab (pyridoxine hcl), is it okay and are there any side effects if I take it with seloxy AA u0026amp; Asthin Force 4?

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Hello Indra,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, for what purpose do you want to consume both supplements (Seloxy AA and Asthin Force4)? Is it prescribed directly by the doctor?

One of the main keys to healing TB (tuberculosis) is medication discipline. According to many studies, TB patients who take regular medical treatment have the potential to recover without leaving dangerous complications. Conversely, if this treatment is not carried out optimally, or coupled with the consumption of other substances that can interact negatively with TB treatment, then it could be that the healing of your disease will be disrupted.

The supplements you mentioned have different ingredients, for example alpha lipoic acid, calcium ascorbate, zinc picolinate, selenium, beta carotene, and natural astaxanthin. The content of various antioxidants and minerals in this supplement, if taken properly can be useful to increase your stamina, increase endurance, maintain hormonal balance, ward off free radicals, nourish the heart, skin, and various other organ systems.

If you only look at the contents, the consumption of this supplement with the TB drugs that you are taking is not dangerous. It's just that, if you want to be consumed long-term, we recommend that you still consult it first to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine who treats you. Because, the nutritional needs of each person can be different, so it cannot be generalized.

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