Safety Of Yogurt Consumption In Patients With Ulcers

Illustration of Safety Of Yogurt Consumption In Patients With Ulcers
Illustration: Safety Of Yogurt Consumption In Patients With Ulcers

I want to ask about the consumption of yogurt for patients with ulcers, I read an article on one of the internet sites that says that yogurt is good for patients with ulcers, the site is also explained that the acid produced by yogurt does not cause stomach pain .. precisely the content contained in yogurt is good for treating an injured stomach, is that correct? While yogurt itself is made from milk which is evil for ulcer sufferers!

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Hello Wildan,

Thank you for the question.

Yogurt is a beverage produced from fermented milk which is good in maintaining the health of the digestive system. In yogurt there are probiotics which, if consumed properly can be very useful in dealing with a variety of digestive disorders, including constipation, intestinal inflammation, lactose intolerance, dyspepsia (heartburn), diarrhea, and so on.

In people with dyspepsia, consumption of yogurt is not prohibited, provided you do not have an allergy to the components in this yogurt. By consuming yogurt, the population of bad bacteria in the stomach, including the bacterium Helicobacter pylori which often triggers dyspepsia can be minimized, so that gastric damage can be minimized. It's just that, indeed, the acidic nature of yogurt can trigger an increase in stomach acid production if consumed in excess, especially in an empty stomach.

Therefore, if you are a sufferer of dyspepsia, and want to consume yogurt, then do it the right way, such as:

Consumption naturally, enough 1-2 glasses a day
Try not to consume yogurt on an empty stomach, first drink a glass of water to neutralize the acidic nature of yogurt
Also balance the consumption of yogurt by consuming variations of other nutritious foods, with small portions but often, get enough rest, manage stress well, maintain ideal body weight, and exercise discipline every day
If complaints arise during digestion after consuming yogurt, you should first stop consuming yogurt and check yourself with a doctor or internist

Hope this helps ...

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