Safety Use Of Milk, Egg White And Honey Masks To Treat Acne?

Illustration of Safety Use Of Milk, Egg White And Honey Masks To Treat Acne?
Illustration: Safety Use Of Milk, Egg White And Honey Masks To Treat Acne?


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Although not dangerous, acne prone skin can indeed seem very disturbing for sufferers. Not infrequently, to overcome this acne, sufferers will take a variety of ways to improve their skin condition. Including using a natural mask as you mentioned.

In general, milk, egg white, and honey do have good benefits for skin health, including to make skin brighter, ease inflammation, disguise black spots, improve skin regeneration, and so on. However, the application of these three substances directly to the skin is not always appropriate for everyone. In people with sensitive skin, the application of a mixture of these three ingredients is very risky to cause irritation. This irritation can make acne worse, the skin becomes reddish, itchy, sore, hot, swollen, and various other complaints appear. Therefore, before checking your skin type to the doctor, we do not recommend that you use the mask. Safer, if you consume these natural ingredients directly, so they can nourish the skin from the inside.

The use of glycore drugs, which contain glycolic acid, can help increase skin regeneration, so dead skin cells will be removed and replaced by new, healthier skin cells. The use of this drug on the right type of skin can indeed help overcome acne. But on the contrary, if your skin is not suitable to use this drug, or if you are not right to use it, the opposite can happen, your skin can experience allergies or irritations that make your complaints worse.

It's safer, first visit your doctor or skin specialist so you can evaluate more deeply what your skin type is like, and what kind of skin problem you are experiencing right now. The doctor who examines you directly certainly knows what is best to deal with your complaint.

At home, you can also do some of the following efforts to improve acne:

Do not squeeze or squeeze pimples by force Take a shower and wash your face regularly using mild cleansing soap adapted to your skin type Don't rub excess face Don't use excessive cosmetics Use moisturizer and sunscreen before leaving the house Don't hold your face with dirty hands Don't stress Don't be like Don't Don't Excessive eating greasy, fatty foods and contain lots of simple carbohydrates. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Hope it helps.

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