Sagging Breasts After Fam Surgery?

Illustration of Sagging Breasts After Fam Surgery?
Illustration: Sagging Breasts After Fam Surgery?

Hello. I was 19 years old and I had fam surgery on both of my breasts, making my breasts saggy and small. How do you deal with it so that it doesn’t sag and it’s more contained … And how can you remove the former surgery?

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There is a history of surgical removal of fibroadenoma mamae or FAM or benign breast tumor, and now you feel a complaint of sagging breasts, then in general breast looseness should not be triggered by the surgery you are undergoing. Removal of benign breast tumors on the right and left side usually only takes tissue from benign tumors. Surgical incisions on the skin are also carried out in places that are not visible or on the boundaries of the skin and areola mamae area, but this depends on the location of the benign tumor that is found and the size of the tumor in the breast. The tissue incision is also strengthened so as not to make the surrounding tissue bleed actively or open, so that in general, the FAM surgery you do does not cause sagging breasts.

Some of the conditions below can cause sagging breasts, such as:

 Breast size that is too large Body mass index size Genetic Smoking Pregnancy and breastfeeding Advanced age Collagen deficiency Estrogen deficiency Rapid weight loss your breasts are sagging or also called breast ptosis. However, in the FAM surgery procedure, removal is only done on tumors in the breast. So, you need to evaluate other possible causes of your breasts sagging. In addition, you can also try to re-tighten the breasts, such as by exercising to tighten the chest muscles, and maintain his ideal body weight. Breast surgery is the final solution if you want to tighten the breast, but all of this needs to be confirmed directly by your plastic surgeon.

Whereas in the former operation that you feel, then this can be individualized. In some patients, who have a gifted scar, either from an ordinary wound or a surgical wound, the scars can be seen strongly in the scars they experienced before. If indeed you have a talent for scarring, either the scars appear blackened or there is scarring in the surgical scar.

In conditions where the surgical scar is very disruptive, then the handling of the scar can be done under the supervision of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Scar treatment procedures can take the form of drugs, lasers, or by microdermabrasion.

However, all this you still need to discuss directly with your doctor. The doctor will do a direct check on your breast area and your scars. The surgeon will make sure what business can be done, whether independent business or need medical treatment. Thus, what you want and want to try can be done in a directed manner and does not cause unexpected side effects.

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